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23 March

Transmission of Services via Twitter & Instagram in the parish

My beloved and dear People,

We are, as promised, now sending you details of the transmission of the Liturgy beginning this Sunday at 8am, 09.30am and 11.00am.  I hope you will appreciate that this is the first time we have attempted this and that you will forgive any glitches that occur during our early efforts.

In order to receive the broadcasts you will need to download, preferably Instagram or Twitter to your mobile or iPad.

Our Parish identities are:

Twitter = @Apostle_POLV

Instagram = apostle_polv


Joining instructions:



For your convenience we will attach digital copies of each service sheet, which will give you a basic structure of the service and the readings for the day.  The celebrations will be (presently) without music, but will still contain a homily from the priest.   If you are unsure whether we have your email details, please check with the Parish office. 

Assuring you of our continued love, prayers and blessings.

Fr Gary, Fr Andrew and Fr Ellis.


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