Choosing a Church Wedding

Before our engagement neither of us were regular church-goers, although we were no strangers to faith having both been as children. We had always imagined getting married in a church. We felt that a declaration as important as this should be held somewhere that reflected not only the spirituality and gravity of our union, but also recognised the traditions that precede us.

When the time came, we were faced with a challenge because our childhood experiences of church were each quite different - one Roman Catholic and one evangelical - so we decided to embark on a journey together to find a place of worship where we both felt comfortable, and which felt suitable for this momentous occasion. It was also important for us to get married in and around the area where we had met and now lived.

Getting to know the Parish of Little Venice

We first visited several different local churches, all of which either reinforced our concerns that we wouldn't fit in, or that just didn't feel special enough. However, from the moment we stepped into St Mary's, we knew we had found our place. It was important that we didn't feel like strangers in the surroundings in which we took our vows, so we decided to start going each week. This gave us the chance to get to know the surroundings and the faces of the Parish, as well as the reassurance that the energy of the church was right for us and that the clergy were on our wavelength.

The sincerity and positivity of the services, along with the love and affection we received from Fr. Gary and everyone we met, provided us with a true sense of acceptance and confidence that this church was the place to celebrate our special day. Along the way, we were able to spend time with Fr. Gary in an informal setting to plan exactly what it was that we wanted - this was met with excitement and enthusiasm on his part which we loved!

The marriage ceremony

The marriage ceremony itself was the most important part of the day for us, and the combination of traditional liturgy and ritual, together with the personal touches that we decided to add - such as the choir and readings - really set the tone for the rest of the celebrations. Seeing all of our friends and family together in this place which had become so special to us was truly overwhelming and unforgettable.

As clich├ęd as it sounds, our wedding day was the best day of our lives! In addition, we made genuine connections with real people during the run up to our marriage and have continued to do so for the past two years since then. St Mary's has now become our regular place of worship and we love going there together.