Music in the Parish

Little Venice has always had a slightly bohemian feel to it, attracting artists, writers and musicians. As such music has always been a big part of the parish as both St Saviour’s and St Mary’s churches are home to the ‘Little Venice Music Festival’ annual series of concerts held in October and in the past to ‘The Chamber Music in Little Venice’ series of concerts and recitals.

Both churches are also used as rehearsal space – St Mary’s is seen here being used by ‘Chamber Music in Little Venice’ (rehearsing ‘I Bethlehem) and by the Marian Consort Singers (rehearsing ‘In Sorrow’s Footsteps’).

We are extremely delighted to have Jonathan Cunliffe as our Director of Music and Organist here in Little Venice. Jonathan has been Director of Music in the Parish since 2008 serving the churches of St Mary-on-Paddington Green and St Saviour, Warwick Avenue.

Under his guidance St Mary’s now enjoys a wonderful choir of mixed voices at Solemn High Mass each Sunday and at other special services.

At St Saviour’s church we are most fortunate to have professional singers to enhance the Sunday services each week. The superb vocal talents of Paul Norcross-King and Lindsay Richardson enrich our services completely.

Jonathan, Lindsay and Paul have also been privileged to enhance the weddings and funerals of parishioners both in and around the parish with suitable music, examples of which can be heard here:

We were truly blessed during the Covid 19 lockdown when our churches were closed for public worship, that Jonathan along with Paul and Lindsay produced motets and hymns remotely to enhance the live streaming of our services during this period.


Jonathan Cunliffe