Sunday School at St Saviour’s

What happens in Sunday School?

Our Aim

To teach the classic Bible stories, and to explore our Christian faith in an age appropriate way.

Theme of the week

We look at the same Bible reading that is being read in church that week, and our sessions will include various activities. Every week is different.
• A story
• Some craft or art activities
• Maybe a music session
• Games
• Prayers
• …. and much, much more!

This week:

We are learning about the Season of Lent leading up to Holy Week and the celebration of Easter.

Work sheet for Sunday

Even if you are away, or not able to get to church this week – why not download the activity sheet(s) from this Sunday’s Pravda parish email so you don’t miss anything.

Sunday School Gallery

We love seeing all the wonderful pictures you draw or paint, and the incredible craft creations you make.

So… If you would like to share with others some of your amazing work, then get your mum, dad or other family member to take a photograph of your artwork and send it to the parish office. We will add it to our Gallery for others to enjoy. The Gallery display will be changed on the 1st of each month.

A typical Sunday at St Saviour’s

  • When you come into church you can go straight up stairs to the Sunday school areas. The room on the left is for the Junior Sunday school, the area to the right is for the older children.

  • The children are greeted by the leaders of the day and take a seat while the parents are asked to sign their children onto the Sunday school register. Parents will then return to church for the start of Mass.

  • A welcome is given to all, followed by the telling of the story for the day.

  • The story is told in a variety of ways, using drama, audio clips or Godly Play. Once the story has been told, the children are encouraged to explore the story, using their imagination to get inside it and discover its meaning and their reaction to it.

  • There are specific art and craft activities following the theme, or worksheets laid out to help the children further explore the story of the day.

  • Sunday school lasts about 20 minutes at 8am and 45 minutes at 11am, after which time there is a short summary of the lesson and an opportunity for the children to share what they have made or learned.

  • We say the Lord’s Prayer together and return to Church at the point where Communion is being administered.

  • Following the Sunday Service there is squash and brioche @8am; and squash and biscuits @11am which are served at the back of Church that the children can enjoy with their families.

In addition to the weekly Sunday school lesson we aim to participate in several outreach programs throughout the year.

  • Harvest Festival Assembling wash-bags with personal toiletries for distribution at The Passage as well as assist with the collection of food for the local food bank.

  • Christmas We collect and deliver toys for St Mary’s Hospital, as well as make Christmas cards for parish members.

  • Lent Assist with the collection of monetary donations for The Passage Homeless Shelter, and make Easter Cards for the parish members.

  • Christian Aid Week Participate in the yearly outreach program, in the past we have raised money to buy worms for a farming community in Bangladesh, a cow for a village in Africa and maternity assistance in Sierra Leone.

  • Children in Church Session We strive to ensure the children engage in the Sunday school lesson and fully in the parish life of the church. Typically once a term we hold a “Children in Church” session where Father Gary invites the children up to the front of the church and they present what they have been learning or a specific project they have been working on.

Who's Who...

We are all here for you if you need to talk…

Parish Priest
Fr Gary Bradley 07957 140371

Safeguarding Officer
Jane Ireland
07944 606 970

Children’s Champion @8am
Zydie Toptsis
07812 569 755

Children’s Champion @11am
Susanna Byrne
07802 654 799


Tel: 0800 1111

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