Service we offer

The Church is a community of people who have a “mustard grain of faith”. We are not arrogant, thinking we have answers to everything. We have a humility that respects the questions inside most people, questions like: why was the world created, is there a life after death, how do I find myself and live in peace?” These are not questions that scientists can answer yet they are the most fundamental and universal questions of all.

As a people we travel through life trying to gain insights at stages on our journey. A life of faith can help us. Religion, like anything, can be good or bad: bossy, overbearing religion can inhibit and terrorise us; good religion should support and encourage us. A great theologian and pastor once said that good religion should be like a foundation garment, composed of lycra to lift and support rather than whalebone to squeeze and constrain!

Lift and support

Here in Little Venice we aim to lift and support. We will do anything we can to help you on your journey. There are religious tools to help us to do this and they are called Sacraments. Some sacraments, like Holy Baptism and Confirmation mark stages on our journey of commitment; the Sacrament of Reconciliation is given to help us find balance and calm in a testing life; Marriage is given to form a structure for a lifelong relationship in its inevitable turbulence; the Sacraments of the Sick are given to strengthen and encourage us when times are hard. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is there to sustain us week by week, day by day, as we seek an integrated and settled life. You can read more about the various sacraments by clicking the links on the left.

Many people come to church who have no background in Christianity. We are happy to share our faith and teaching is done in the homilies (addresses) at the Sunday masses, in Advent and Lent special courses, in Baptism and Confirmation classes and in individual teaching sessions.

The clergy aims to be available and accessible. We will visit you at home or you may come to our home. Tell us what you need and we will do our best to respond!


Need to get in touch?

If you want to get in touch about any of the services we offer, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Parish Administrator, Karen Peakman