Holy Baptism

We become Christians by Holy Baptism, which can happen at any age, from early infancy and right through adult life. Baptism happens during Sunday Mass at either church. Adults are offered instruction in the Christian faith before Holy Baptism. Children have godparents who will make promises on their behalf. Godparents must themselves be baptized.

During the service:

The candidate for baptism comes to the priest at the font and makes Christian promises or has promises made by godparents

Is anointed with the Oil of Catecheumens, an oil of strength and protection

Is washed with blessed water as a sign of dying with Christ and rising again with Him

Is anointed with the Oil of Chrism (the oil used for anointing the monarch at the Coronation Service) as a sign that they share in the Kingship of Christ

Receives a candle lighted from the Pascal (Easter) candle to symbolise the light of the risen Christ in their new, baptismal life

Is taken to the sanctuary to be welcomed by the whole community.

Need more information?

There is no fee for Holy Baptism. If you would like to apply for Holy Baptism for yourself or for your child please download the appropriate form for either St Saviour’s or St Mary’s. For further information you can email or telephone Karen on 020 7723 7266

Forms you may need

If you are interested in this service, the following forms will need to be downloaded and completed.

Please note, there is one form for each church within the parish.

Once completed, please return either by email or by post.