Virgin and Child Statue

Virgin and Child

St Saviours Warwick Avenue

The sculpture is by Karin Jonzen, RBB (1914-1998) and was created in 1990.

Karin Margareta Jonzen, née Löwenadler was born in London on 22nd December 1914 to Swedish parents, Uno and Gerda Löwenadler. She was originally thrust into an artistic career by her father, who, because of her output of comic drawings, saw a future for her as a Punch cartoonist. He sent her to the Slade School of Fine Art, (and, as she later reported in a brief autobiography, was not at all pleased when she began to take art seriously).

She spent a good deal of time in the British Museum and the National Gallery, where she laid the foundations for her later “classical” style. In 1937, when she was 22, she was runner- up for the Prix de Rome, open to all UK and Commonwealth artists under the age of 30.

Karin is a renowned British figure sculptor whose works, in bronze, terracotta and stone, were commissioned by a number of public bodies in Britain and abroad. Many examples of her work can be found in various galleries in London, including the Tate.

Karin Jonzen died 29th January, 1998.