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Children and families are a vitally important part of the Church and we wish to create a safe, fun and creative environment where the children can learn about the Church and the Bible, the Life and work of Jesus, God and their own spirituality;

We feel it is important to share with the children the stories of the Bible, in an age appropriate manner, so that the children can increase their understanding and enjoyment of the teachings of God, Jesus, the Church and the Christian society.

Pre-Requisites for all Sunday School Leaders

  1. You must be a member of the Parish of Little Venice; and be on the Electoral Roll of either St Saviour Warwick Avenue or St Mary-on-Paddington Green Church.
  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  1. Have received and read the Church Policy and Code of Conduct and have committed to act in accordance with these documents.
  1. Must complete an Initial Registration Form, have provided two references, and agreed to undergo screening and reference checks.
  1. You must undertake a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service application). This will be arranged by the Safe-Guarding Officer at either St Mary’s or St Saviours church.
  1. Must be willing to participate in leader training events – either in church or as laid out by the Diocese of London.
  1. And finally … Must be willing to prepare in advance, arrive on time, and participate in age appropriate Bible teaching.

Support & Training.

The Diocese of London support all churches with their Mission to Children and offer training sessions either within the parish or currently on-line.

One such course run by the Diocese is Academy Basics. This course will give you fresh ideas and confidence for working with children in church. The course covers:

  • Children’s spirituality and faith development
  • Storytelling
  • Being a leader: leadership, teamwork, planning sessions
  • Managing behaviour, and supporting additional needs

Once all the paperwork is completed – what’s involved?

  • Commitment – we are looking for commitment from those volunteering to become a Sunday school leader, a promise to arrive early on the day you are on the Rota (whether you are leading or assisting) so as to be in the Sunday school room 15/20 minutes prior to the session to set up and be ready to welcome the children.
  • Purpose – you are preparing the hearts and minds of the children to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
  • Preparation – we need you to be prepared. Have a lesson plan in place for the week you are leading the session. Know the bible story. Are you using audio/visual aids? (Godly Play, puppets, pictures) – these help stimulate the interest of those listening. Be prepared for questions – know your topic / or story so you can answer.
  • Create – Be creative. Children love craft sessions which enhance the lesson of the day. They have something to ‘show and tell’ when they get home. You can find ideas online or in books. The church office also has some resource’s available to you.
  • Have fun and enjoy the sessions – BUT if you want to ask questions, or want to speak to someone to find out more, then the following people would be pleased help – Zydie @ 8am Kristy @ 9.30 & Olivia @ 11am or Karen @ Parish Office

At St Saviour’s

8am Sunday School Leaders
11am Sunday School Leaders

At St Mary’s
Sunday School Leaders

Or you can phone the Parish Office
and speak with Karen 020 7726 7266