Stations of the Cross

Also called ‘Way of the Cross’, is a series of 14 carvings portraying the events in the Passion of Christ, from his condemnation by Pontius Pilate to his entombment. These can be seen on the inside walls of the church.
On Good Friday, at 12.00 noon in St Saviours Church, Fr Gary gives an all Family talk (suitable for young children and adults) and ‘walks’ you through the Passion of Jesus Christ.
The series of stations is as follows:

  1. Jesus is condemned to death
  2. He is made to bear his cross
  3. Jesus falls for the first time
  4. He meets his mother
  5. Simon of Cyrene is made to bear the cross
  6. Veronica wipes Jesus’ face
  7. Jesus falls for the second time
  8. The women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus
  9. Jesus falls for the third time
  10. Jesus is stripped of his garments
  11. He is nailed to the cross
  12. Jesus dies on the cross
  13. He is taken down from the cross
  14. Jesus is placed in the sepulchre.