War Memorial and Remembrance Sunday

It is not known how many First World War memorials there are, so widespread was the nation’s grief, but there are certainly tens of thousands in Britain.

There is a War Memorial in each of our churches, remembering those from the local area who died in the ‘Great War’ of 1914-1918.

Every community sent people off to fight and work; virtually all suffered the loss of many young men in their community. With over 1.1 million dead, there was a powerful need for monuments, and for those who died to be remembered for the sacrifice they made.

Now that the last veterans of the 1914-1918 conflict have died, it is left to future generations to keep the memories fresh, and to remember not only those from the 1914-1918 war, but the wars and conflicts that have come after that, and the brave men and women who have died so that we can live in peace.

St Mary’s War Memorial is on the upper Balcony area in church.


Any enquiries regarding Church Record Searches should be directed to the Metropolitan Archive Office as our Church records are held there.

The Metropolitan Archive Office, 40 Northampton Road, London. EC1R 0HB
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Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday is the second Sunday in November, the Sunday nearest to 11th November.

Various concerts, church services and commemorative events take place across the country on this day to remember the men and women who gave their lives in the two world wars and all who have died in combat since.

There is a church service at both St Mary’s and St Saviours on this day.


Why do we wear poppies?

The reason poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle is because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War One ended.

This is described in the famous World War One poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Ever since then, they have come to be a symbol of remembering not just those who gave their lives in World War One, but all those who have died on behalf of their country.

The money raised from these donations is used to help servicemen and women who are still alive, whose lives have been changed by wars that they fought in.

The money helps veterans who may need to find new jobs or somewhere to live, or any other support they may need.

It is also used to help those who have lost loved ones because of wars.